Emlz Dazzle - Telling compelling stories through design

Emlz Dazzle believes that being well-put-together and stylish is not only for celebrities.

We are focused on curating a space for all things fashion with highly stylized, affordable, and unique designs.

The designs juxtapose various garments to create a cohesive fashion story that doesn’t compromise on one’s aesthetics.

Meet the founder Lucy Zondi

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, sustainable fashion practices surrounded me. I grew up wearing my mother’s old dresses; I shopped for second-hand clothes and perused the vintage stalls of the countries I traveled to.

I grew up in a household where style and fashion were heavily present. This helped shape my fashion identity and allowed me to experiment further by up-cycling hand me downs from my Mum and Aunts.

It was this that led me to explore other alternatives. I began with tailoring classes and eventually went on to study Fashion Media (BA Hons) at the University of the Arts and a diploma in Image and Fashion styling from Limperts Academy.